Return With A Purpose

Life as a reformed blogger was great, but a relapse was bound to occur at some point.  I didn’t miss the inevitable inbox spam, ever-present trolls, or the stodgy WordPress user interface.  No, I missed the creative outlet that served as a therapeutic crutch during stressful times.  And during not-so-stressful times.  Oh, and when I just wanted to complain about something.

This blog will serve as a kind of “fire and forget” mechanism through which incomplete thoughts and fragmented ideas may pass with great velocity.  If some 117 year-old man in a Buick cuts me off on the highway, ranting about it here seems a lot more rational than speaking with one of our cats about it.  Granted, the cat probably cares just slightly more than the average stranger, but the depth of shared life experience just doesn’t seem to be there with the feline sounding board.

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